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Massachusetts offers several addiction treatment centers, including the Advanced Addiction Center, where individuals can access state-of-the-art therapies and support. Our facility provides outpatient addiction treatment in Medford, Massachusetts, as well as dual diagnosis.

Don’t suffer through addiction alone; call our team and begin your journey to a drug and alcohol-free life today.

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Our Addiction Treatment Programs

Advanced Addiction Center offers outpatient treatment for substance use disorders for men and women 18 years or older in Medford, Massachusetts, and surrounding areas. Our range of available programs makes it easy to customize your treatment and develop a plan that will be most effective for you.
Outpatient Treatment in Madford, MA

Group 245Outpatient Treatment

The outpatient program at Advanced Addiction Center provides flexible treatment including individual and group therapy. This program is best suited for those transitioning from inpatient or intensive care or for those who have a less severe case of substance use disorder. In our program, clients receive needed support while also gaining more independence in their recovery journey.

IOP in Madford, MA

Group 245Intensive Outpatient Treatment

An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) at Advanced Addiction Center includes an integrated approach to recovery. Clients benefit from structured group and individual therapy sessions, addressing the psychological and emotional facets of addiction. Our comprehensive IOP offers education on addiction, relapse prevention strategies, and valuable coping skills. This flexible program empowers individuals to maintain their daily routines while receiving the intensive care and support necessary for lasting recovery.

PHP in Madford, MA

Group 245Day Program

Day Programming at Advanced Addiction Center is a comprehensive treatment solution for addiction. It offers structured therapy with both individual and group sessions, providing a supportive environment to address addiction’s complexities. Our day program includes psychoeducation to empower clients with knowledge about addiction, relapse prevention, and coping strategies. Medication-assisted treatment, if needed, is available. Our program encourages family involvement, which is very beneficial for recovery. Crisis intervention, ongoing assessment, and aftercare planning are also integral components, ensuring individuals receive tailored support on their path to recovery.

Dual Diagnosis in Madford, MA

Group 245Dual Diagnosis

Our dual diagnosis program in Massachusetts is tailored for individuals confronting both a substance use disorder and a co-occurring mental health issue. Treatment combines medication management, individual and group therapy, psychoeducation, and relapse prevention to address both conditions concurrently. Family involvement, holistic therapies, and aftercare planning are integral to the program as well.

The goal of dual diagnosis is to break the cycle of co-occurring disorders by offering comprehensive care that empowers individuals to manage their mental health symptoms without resorting to substance use.

Addiction Therapy

Our team at Advanced Addiction Center also offers therapy for substance use disorders. Addiction therapy plays a major role in all our treatment programs and is essential for identifying the cause of addiction behaviors.

Start Your Recovery Today!

Massachusetts addiction treatment centers like ours set the bar for quality treatment. Our team at Advanced Addiction Center is ready to help you start your journey toward recovery. We offer addiction treatment and ongoing support to women and men in Massachusetts. If you’re struggling with substance abuse, call us today. We will create a customized treatment plan for you and be there with you every step of the journey.
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